Why You Need to Renovate Your Office to Increase Productivity

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You have a bit of savings set aside. The business has been doing good for the past years. You are now in a position to renovate or revamp your office. You’ve noticed that the carpet is fading, the blinds are broken, and the office furniture looks old and run-down. If your office feels like a dump, that’s probably why there’s a slump in your employees’ productivity recently, too. Save yourself the trouble of evaluating every one of them. The problem is that they are uninspired by their place of work.

Luckily, you can hire an office refurbishment service company to plan and execute a design that suits your business. The designers will evaluate the kind of layout your office needs. They will also choose furniture that your employees use most of their time. Renovations should be carefully and professionally planned. You’ll be wasting a lot of money if you renovate without considering what your employees need to be more efficient in their jobs.


To maximize the potential of an office space, you need to think like your employees. What will be beneficial for them? Are they going to benefit from an open-plan layout, or should they have their own cubicles? Ask your employees for suggestions. They are the ones who will most likely use the furniture that you choose. They will be affected by the layout of the office space. They should have a say on how it will look like after the renovations.


Investing in ergonomic furniture is necessary for your employees. Remember that they’ll have to spend an inordinate amount of time sitting on the chairs and typing on their laptops. Choose a chair that has back support. Make sure that the chair’s height can be adjusted. The same goes for the tables, keyboards, and computer monitors. These will all help reduce absenteeism.



Each department should have a space designed specifically for their needs. The accounting department might want more cubicles than the creative department. The latter would also want bigger tables for their designs, as well as whiteboards and presentation boards. They will also need better computers to develop their designs. The human resources department needs private offices to interview potential hires. The space should be designed according to the duties required of that department.


Employees should be exposed to natural light. The view of life outside the office can give their productivity levels a boost. This also has a positive effect on their physical and emotional health. Dark and dreary offices often contribute to employees’ feelings of restlessness and anxiety. Some may even get depressed because of the lack of access to natural light.


Finally, there should be common spaces where employees can gather. If you’re the boss, try not to penetrate this sanctuary. For most employees, these are the areas where they can finally let loose and talk about anything under the sun. If you keep hanging out there, you will make them feel uncomfortable. Let them have this space. In fact, allow them to personalize these common areas the way they want to.

A renovation may be expensive, but it does increase the productivity of your workforce. It also shows clients that you are serious about doing good work. It’s a morale booster for your employees and customers.

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