Fun Autumn and Winter Activities: Make the Most Out of Your Patio


Now that spring has arrived in Australia, most people will choose to stay inside to feel warm and cozy. However, you do not have to ignore the area in the coming cooler months.

These activities will be great if your patio has an enclosure. Call a construction company near you to inquire about building patio enclosures and prices.

Start Decorating

Most patios are designed to be enjoyed when the sun is shining and the weather is warm enough for outdoor parties. It will be a good idea, therefore, to shake things up when the seasons begin and end.
For autumn and winter, take out the brightly-colored decors and keep it in storage. Opt for warm tones like brown or terracotta. These colors are known to make a space look and feel cozy. In contrast, colors like blue are considered cool – something that you probably do not want when the weather outside is already chilly.
Bring out a few pillows and blankets to keep yourself warm as you sip your hot cup of cocoa and read your favorite book in the patio.

Toast Marshmallow in a Fireplace or a Fire Pit

Some people have a fireplace in the patio to warm the area when the evening breeze grows chilly. For those who are not as lucky, you can get a portable fire pit that uses propane or can accommodate coal.
A fire pit can keep you warm during cold months, but you can also use it to make food. You can pretend that you are at a campsite in the middle of the woods without leaving the comforts of your home by toasting marshmallows and tell scary stories around the fire pit. If you are not a fan of sweets, some fire pits can also act as a grill.
A fireplace or a fire pit will provide warmth in your patio even if the sun is hidden behind the clouds. It is perfect if you want to throw a small party with your friends on a chilly night or simply sit outside and enjoy the cool breeze.

hot tub

Splurge on a Hot Tub

A hot tub will definitely bring life back to your patio regardless of the season. Even if it is already cold outside, you can warm your body up by soaking in the hot water. Whether you are alone and just want to relax or you are with the company of friends, a hot tub is a worthwhile investment.

Try Gardening

The trees outside your window are turning brown as it prepares for winter. You can still enjoy a bit of green by creating your own garden right in your patio. Look for seasonal flowers like Baby’s Breath, Carnation, Freesia, Lily, Roses, and many others. If you like to cook, you can grow certain herbs and vegetables. You can even DIY your own palette garden to create more space for your plant babies.

Transform Your Patio Into a Place of Leisure

There are plenty of other activities that you can do in your patio. With your family, especially if there are small kids, you may want to host board game nights. For a fun time with your friends, set up a large table so you can play beer pong.

You can get more use out of your patio and avoid being cooped up inside your house for several hours a day even after the temperature has dropped. Just bring a blanket to keep yourself warm.

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