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A bare garden with just a few flowers is not going to impress anyone. You want it to look better than a simple lawn. There are a variety of garden features that you can easily install in your garden. Depending on what sort of look you are going for and what function, they can range from something small and simple to large features that dominate the garden. Here are some available options.

Barbecue Pit

If you ever dreamed of having a summer barbecue, then consider building a barbecue pit in your backyard. While buying a portable grill is the simpler option, nothing can beat the allure of having a big brick masonry grill to cook on. It can dominate your backyard and provide it with the perfect centerpiece.

To build one is pretty simple. You have to build a brick base that can support a grill and a charcoal pan. The great thing about this setup is that brick is a perfect material for retaining heat. This makes cooking around it much easier, especially if you plan to cook for an entire afternoon. It should also only cost less than $1000, with the price going down to $500 if you do the construction yourself.

A Pergola

For those who want a nice backyard retreat, a gazebo or a pergola could be a nice addition. While a gazebo can be a complex project, a simple pergola should easy to do. It only requires a simple set of columns and slats for the top part. While you don’t have to do it, installing corrugated plastic roofing sheets on top of the structure should allow you to use it the entire year instead of just during the summer. You then have to place something underneath. A set of garden furniture would be perfect.

A Pond

Your garden is for relaxation and stress relief. One garden feature that should help soothe some of your nerves is a pond. It is ideal for some great water plants or even has some fish. Building a pond requires a liner so that the water doesn’t drain away so easily. Dig up the pond in the shape you want and install the plastic liner. You can then fill it up with water. It is important that you position the pond well, with good access to sunlight and far away from any trees so that leaves won’t clog it up. Finally, you can populate it with water plants and your choice of fish. Mosquito fish and guppies are popular choices since they eat many insect larvae and are easy to care for.


Some gardens are not in the ideal locations for water features. For dryer climates, there is the more artistic option of building a rockery. Rockeries or rock gardens use rocks and some small plants to create an eye-pleasing feature for your yard. The great thing about them is that they are very low maintenance and are perfect for protecting plants that may need a bit more extra care. They also provide an ideal habitat for wildlife in any region.

Outdoor Furniture

outdoor patio

The outdoors are something to enjoy. To do this without worries, you might consider installing a variety of outdoor furniture features. A simple bench can last a lifetime and provide a convenient place to sit on for the same period. The great thing about it is that you can get creative with it. Turn natural features like tree stumps to this purpose. You can also be conventional and have simple concrete or wooden benches and tables installed. With a good coating, these would be able to withstand the elements easily.

Garden Lights

Don’t forget about the lighting. Positioning a good set of lights in your garden can ensure that you can still use it after sunset. For example, if you have several trees, consider installing some lanterns on the branches. They can even be solar-powered, so you don’t have to wire them up. They automatically turn on after dark and stay lit until the battery runs out, which should be a few hours. That should be enough to give you a romantic evening or two.

A good set of garden features can elevate a garden from a boring place to the envy of the neighborhood. There are other choices that you can use to spice up your garden. Depending on the size of your yard, they can be elaborate landscaping designs to artful plantings. Consult with a local landscape designer to see what can be done.

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