Investment Property Maintenance: An Essential Checklist

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It goes without saying that taking care of your belongings equates to happiness. A healthy home yields a healthier and better version of you. That’s the goal every functional human being will go for, especially in owning or investing in properties. Just like any other property out there, you’re obligated to keep them in shape. You’re even more obligated to do so if it is an investment property.

Here are things that should be maintained in your house:

1. Floors

The floors are the second most prominent part you should always keep in mind. Floors are used as a stepping platform for people. Rickety floors will scare not only potential customers but also cause multiple accidents. Maintaining your floors means raising your clients’ happy meter. And they can look aesthetically pleasing.

The floors in your home are one of the first things that people observe when they enter your home. If your floors are filthy, smudged, or damaged, your potential renters may be turned off and decide not to stay in your investment property. Floors that are clean not only look excellent but also increase the safety of your tenants. Sand, dirt, and grease can accumulate on the floors if they are not adequately cleaned, posing a slipping risk. Slips and accidents can end in serious wounds.

2. Attic

Not all houses have attics, but the ones that do should be properly groomed. Imagine buying a home where the attic looks like a death trap. Consumers want to be part of comfortable homes, not something that looks like it’s from a horror movie.

3. Windows

This one is also obvious. If your investment property has broken windows, the best way to attract customers is to fix them. No one wants to stare through broken glass. Attracting people to your investment home will be difficult if you keep even the simplest parts in bad condition.

Excellent windows enhance the brightness and aesthetics of a property while also contributing to preserving the home’s electricity consumption. However, only if they are regularly cleaned can windows last for several years. It is critical to understand when windows require maintenance, what type of repair should be conducted, and when they should be updated to keep a well-maintained investment property.

4. Faucet

Believe it or not, faucets need maintenance. It’s a device used to get the flow of water going. What happens if it’s in poor condition? This could risk your client’s safety. Little devices matter as much as the most significant parts of the house.

5. Showerheads

A showerhead is exactly what it’s called. It is the part from which water flows out. Imagine your shower head being rusty. How do you think that will affect you? Whether you are the client or the investor, it’s terrible news.

6. Ceiling

Have you seen horror movies? It’s scary to think your ceiling is in its worst condition. The ceiling is a vast overhead inside surface found in the room. A ceiling that is bound to collapse will cost you more than if you keep it in good shape.

7. Roof

The roof can be seen from a mile away. If your roof is crooked or full of holes, that will only repel people from it. Keep a yearly check on your roof shingles to help maintain them.

8. Water System

Water is a basic need. It would be very frustrating to have some form of water scarcity while being in the place of residence. It would be worse if the water system would cause health-related problems. Contamination can kill.

You need to ensure that you have someone install a leaf gutter protection because this enables water to run seamlessly through the pipeline and out the spout, after which it is channeled to a place where it will not cause any harm to your investment property or garden.

9. Walls

The walls are the most prominent part of the property home, and they are part of the foundation. Not only will they potentially be dangerous if not well maintained, but they will also be off-putting.

10. Electric Wires

Maintaining electric wires is one of the most important things you should remember when owning any sort of property. You will not want to deal with a burned-down house or a burned-down neighborhood. Keep those wires in check to avoid hazards and costly repercussions.

Owning an investment property is never easy. It can cost you money, but it is better to keep it in excellent condition. This ensures more clients and a lot of benefits. Not only does it improve your standing, but it also helps you avoid wasting your money on fixing the consequences of not taking care of your possessions. The little things matter most.

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