Expressing Your Personality Through Backyard Designs

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Our homes carry a part of us. With this in mind, the way we’ve built it and the way we’ve designed it speaks a lot about ourselves. Every piece that a friend or stranger finds, any distinct design they might have encountered, speaks volumes about the person we were and who we’ve become. This is why people continue to redesign their homes because they grow and become different people every year.

One of the most visited areas of our home is the backyard. Houses in the US have one of the largest backyards worldwide. It’s estimated that the average backyard size in the US is around 10,000 square feet. The smallest average size for a state is in Arizona, estimated to be about 6,000 square feet. That’s a lot of space for your backyard.

With many of us spending a lot of time in our backyard, it only makes sense that we design it to our standards. But what does your backyard say exactly about you as a person?

Bold and Bright Colors

First off, let’s talk about the choice of colors for extroverted and introverted people. This also talks a lot about a person’s gardening views because the colors technically represent your preferences as a person.

Extraverted people are likely to enjoy bright and bold colors more in their backyard, such as red or yellow. On the other hand, introverted people are more likely to enjoy colder tones such as green and blue.

As we all know, extroverted people enjoy being the life of the party. They also like standing out when it comes to design choices. So it only makes sense that they pick bright and bold colors for their garden and backyard.

Introverted people enjoy staying behind the spotlight. They also don’t like to stand out and would like to fit in the crowd as much as possible. So it only makes sense that they choose colors that stand out less, especially colors with colder tones.

However, this doesn’t mean that extraverted persons have better design philosophies regarding the colors in their backyard. This depends on the people you surround yourself with because preference will always come from these people.

How You Work

We all would like to say that hardworking people tend to work in their backyards more. However, it’s more likely that hardworking and efficient people hire landscaping services after a hard day’s work. Such a service can make your life a lot easier and gives you time to relax for the coming days without leaving backyard care behind.

Strength also plays a significant role in the way we work. It’s speculated that people who like to work on their strength or enjoy working out have backyards filled with heavy cosmetic rocks. They are also more likely to have wheelbarrows to transfer heavy sand and stones in their backyard.

Tech-savvy people are more likely to have AI to work for them. They’ll probably have many smart devices distributed in their backyard doing chores such as watering the plants every other day.

Our efficiency in the backyard speaks a lot about the person we are, and it tells a lot about how we work in our jobs. It carries on about which tools we rely on and how we get the job done.


We all know that people are becoming environmentalists every year, and it’s quite easy to spot one by simply looking into their backyard.

It’s known that environmentalists are aware of how they can preserve the world around them and how to leave a tiny carbon footprint as possible. These people are less likely to use fertilizers from supermarkets and are likely to use their own compost for their plants. They are also likely to use recyclable plastics for their pots.

It’s also possible that these environmentalists have rarer plants in their backyard because they want to preserve them more. All of these things can speak that you as a person enjoy keeping the environment safe.

Generational Gaps

Lastly, your backyard can speak a lot about your generation. Millennials enjoy having produce in their backyard. They like to grow plants like tomatoes and radishes when they can. In contrast, Boomers want ornamental plants in their backyards, like rubber trees, monstera deliciosa, and related species. They are also more likely to have indoor plants.

Your backyard speaks a lot about your personality. For example, a person who likes bold colors, is tech-savvy, enjoys smart devices, and wants to grow produce in their backyard is likely to be an extroverted millennial person. This is just one example of how you can identify people by simply looking into their backyard.

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