How to Convert Unused Rooms in Your House Into Something Useful

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Despite vaccines being distributed all over the world, the pandemic is still with us this year. Quarantine protocols are still being implemented in various states in the US, albeit less strict than before. During this time, we might as well get the best out of the time we spend inside our homes. One way many Americans are doing this is through renovations.

Last year, there was a surge in home improvement projects in the US. Many Americans were worried that there wouldn’t be enough space for their family members or that they wouldn’t have the utilities they need for an extended stay in their homes. So many American families have remodeled some rooms. Many have even added a deck in their homes. This surge in home improvement is still happening now but on a smaller scale. If you’re looking to join in the trend, you came to the right place.

Converting and remodeling rooms during this pandemic can be a challenging task when you’re doing it yourself. Thankfully, you have the internet to help you. Here are some simple remodeling ideas that should make unused rooms in your home more useful!

A Personal Gym

We might have gained a little bit of weight during this pandemic. The lack of gyms or other recreational centers has stopped us from keeping ourselves fit and healthy. We relied on gyms, parks, and open roads to keep us fit, the last few years. Some of us might have exercised or maybe jogged daily. However, when the pandemic hit, most of us have lost interest in these things. One of the most common excuses for not exercising is not having the proper equipment for it. Well, after this, you can’t make the same excuse anymore!

Converting one of your rooms as a personal gym is an easy task. You don’t even need any experience with home remodeling or construction to pull this off. You’re going to need a room with a lot of space for this one. A garage or carport or your basement are good locations for a personal gym. An attic is not a good location for your gym for safety reasons. Gym equipment can be quite heavy, and dropping one in your attic can cause it to put a hole on your attic floor.

To remodel a particular space in your home into a personal gym, you’re only going to need one thing: mats. Gym mats can make or break your private gym. Good thing there is a lot to choose from. Among the best mats for your personal gym are rubber mats. They can sustain the weight of most gym equipment, and they are comfortable. But they can be costly. A cheaper alternative is foam mats. These might not have the same resilience as rubber mats, but they can serve the same purpose. Additionally, foam mats are great for other rooms we will be discussing later.

Installing these mats is pretty straightforward. You can place them in the room with some construction glue. If you’re planning to use the space for other things, then you shouldn’t glue them in, so you can remove them whenever you want. After this, you can start exercising as much as you want. You can buy some used gym equipment for your gym since they are cheaper than new ones.

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A playroom is excellent for your kids, especially when they get bored being cooped up in your house all day long. The best part about a playroom is that it doesn’t require as much space as a gym. Any unused room in your home can be a playroom, as long as you child-proof it.

One of the most essential things you’re going to need for your children’s playroom is mats. Yes, the foam mats mentioned earlier can be used in your playroom. Your children can avoid injuries by having these mats around. You can also apply these mats to the wall, just in case they bump into them. After applying the mats, it’s time to remove any furniture that would hurt your child.

When converting a room into a playroom, think of soft things that can’t hurt children. Tables with sharp corners should be removed and replaced with foam tables or children’s tables. Closets should be removed as well and be replaced with something more appropriate like a bean bag chair. Storage for their toys should also be child-proof. Consider using a play chest for this particular purpose.

Arts and Crafts Room

If you want to start doing art in your home, then an arts and crafts room is for you. The best places for this room are the attic or maybe the basement. Somewhere that’s quiet but has enough light for you to work with.

To remodel a room into an arts and crafts room, you’re only going to need equipment. A drawing board is essential for this as you will spend most of your time there. Another thing you’re going to need is somewhere to store all your art supplies. You can build your own closet for this, depending on the size of your supplies. There are guides on the internet for this that can help you out. The things you need after these essential things depend on you. If you’re a painter, then you need an easel. If you’re a drafter, then you just need the drawing board mentioned earlier. Just think of what kind of art you want to practice and get the necessary equipment for it.

Here are some simple ways you can convert unused rooms in your home. You can do these conversions over one weekend and benefit from them the next week. It’s cheap, and it’s easy to do.

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