Home Engineering Tips for Automatic Garage Doors

As A homeowner, there are many tasks needed to keep a home at its best. One task is to care for their garage – and its door. In the video, “DIY Garage Door Maintenance: Save Your Money,” Toolbox DIY’s handyman, Chris, demonstrates how to keep a garage door in good working order.

Garage Door Maintenance is Necessary

The first task is to check the garage door hinges. To check the hinges, the homeowner must remove their rotating parts, and spin them.

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Chris recommends roller pins should be made of nylon. He further stated nylon roller pins last longer, make less noise, and are easier to change.

After checking the roller pins, it’s time to lubricate each spring. The rail, on the ceiling, is the last part to be sprayed. When lubricating the rail, both sides must be sprayed. Chris predicts lubricating the rail will use up the most lubricant.

How Often is Maintenance Needed?

According to Chris at DIY Toolbox, doors need maintenance every one to two years. Although all these tasks can typically be done by homeowners, if they run into any difficulties, they should contact a company that provides automatic garage door services. A garage door is an essential investment, so if assistance is needed with a garage door, they should be sure to get it.


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