Decluttering your Home for 2021: Simple, Spacious Homes to Welcome the New Year


A few weeks into the new year and you might’ve noticed some things you wanted to change in your home. Now that the holidays are over, and the decorations are packed for keeping away, it might be time to see which items in your home are still needed and which ones should be sold to free up more space.

There might be broken appliances that the HVAC and electrical contractor hasn’t been able to check up on — it may be cheaper to buy a new one rather than have the old one repaired. There might also be a lot of other things that have since become obsolete during all the time you’re shifting between work and staying at home. Either way, you’ll have to find ways to make room for new stuff.

Check out our tips for freeing up space. It might be that you need to sell some things, remodel a space in your home, or just re-arrange items to make for more space.

1. Create a ‘Fillet’

To be clear, we’re talking about a shelf design here. This is a type of shelf that makes use of spaces like wide corners. The shelf is designed to hug those corners, resulting in a design that’s spacious but out of the way. The shelf is designed to make the most out of places in your home which you thought would never serve any spaces — hence the corners. It’s also intended for daily use. Be it wooden or a mix of wood and steel, it’s a sturdy solution to make your home feel like it has more room.

2. Modular Storage Spaces for Growing Collections

There are those who are like ‘pack mules’, people who don’t mind their collection of items growing. There are a lot of items to collect too. Some people prefer collecting models, while others prefer things like vinyl records or CDs. This is where the modular spaces come in. As your collection grows, whatever may be, this type of storage space adjusts to its size. This usually features an adjustable design, which can be easily taken apart and put back together with more spaces available.

3. Layered Center Tables for More Space

If you’re looking for more space for your home, look no further than creating furniture that features hidden storage space. Most center tables — the tables that sit in the middle of your living room — feature storage space below, but there are those which multiply that space into more spaces. This design is simply done not for aesthetics but to provide more room for you to hide your belongings. Magazines, newspapers, or some documents you have lying around go here. If you don’t want those papers to be displayed, you can alter the design by creating doors for it to hide unsightly clutter.


4. Expand Your Kitchen Drawers

The kitchen can get crowded fast if you don’t pay attention and that’s okay. If you feel like your kitchen is getting smaller, you should look at your kitchen cabinets. Are they a little in the way? If you’ve got a lot of kitchen stuff that shouldn’t be there, at least try to sell some of them off. You can then try to create combined kitchen cabinets to store whatever you have left. With consolidated cabinets, you free up more space in your kitchen, and you are given more room to move.

5. Space Under Your Sink? Make a Storage Rack

In the bathroom, if you have a vanity rack, you can get more space by putting items you don’t use on a storage rack under your sink. It’s true that sometimes, we receive bathroom products as gifts and while many of these are useful, the others are just clutter. Sell off or give away those you absolutely have no use for and store those that you think you’ve got a use for in the future under the sink.

You’ll have more space to place your everyday items on your vanity rack, and you won’t have unsightly clutter in your bathroom. It’s a kind of two-for-one arrangement especially for people who are neat freaks.

6. A Below-the-Bed Storage Space

The bedroom is another place in your home that can get crowded quickly too. If you find that you don’t have any space left to store things, consider using that space under your bed. You can use storage containers and cabinets for keeping your items neatly tucked away. Clothes and other out-of-season drapes can be kept here too.

Let’s face it — even if we manage to sell off many of our stuff, we’ll still end up with lots of clutter in our home. Some of these may even come with memories. Remember, if you think you’re pressed for space, think about those unused areas of your home — they can be converted into storage spaces, too.

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