The Small Things in Life Top 6 Small Tools

If you are looking for tools to use in your workshop, like mini hose clamps and screwdrivers, you may want to buy small tools that fit in your palm or tools that will help you. In this video, the speaker goes over the top five small tools that will help you and that you should consider adding to your toolbox. These tools include:

1. Stubby screwdriver

This is a smallish woodwork tool.

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It can fit in the palm of your hand, yet it is one of the most valuable tools.

2. Sticky notes

As you do the work you will be making a lot of notes. That’s why this is one of the tools you should have.

3. Panel tape measure

You can’t do the work without making measurements, and in order to achieve precise measurements, you’d need a tape measure.

4. Remote switch

This is not the typical tool that you will expect, but every workshop needs it. With a remote switch, you can operate your air conditioner or other appliances in your garage or workshop without having to manually go and switch anything on or off.

5. Stud finder

Do you know why you need a stud finder? You can use it to find loose screws and other magnetic items easily.

6. Dustopper

This is one of the tools that you might want to get. You will always need to get rid of dust when you work with wood.

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