The Secrets of Keeping a House Clean and Organized

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Keeping a house clean is not an easy job. Many people think that dusting, mopping, and sweeping off the floor are all it takes to maintain a home. Cleanliness is something that not most people possess. But if you are the kind of person who loves a squeaky clean house, then this article is for you.

Have you ever felt like your home still seems messy and unorganized no matter how diligent you are in cleaning? Perhaps it’s time for you to make significant changes in your cleaning routine.

Start Your Day Right

The key to motivating yourself to clean is by starting the day right. You can do this by making the bed in the morning. Most people forget that a made bed is what makes a room clean and tidy. Plus, it’s an excellent way to get things done so you can climb up in your clean bed after a tiring day.

Assess How You Clean

Sometimes, it’s not about how often you clean, but how you do the cleaning. Stop for a second and think if you are using the right cleaning products for specific places in the house. For instance, there are different brushes to use for bathroom cleaning. You need to have a separate brush for the toilet, the floor, and the walls to avoid spreading germs and bacteria.


Keep your home tidy by removing unnecessary items. Occasionally, do a wardrobe inspection and let go of the clothes you don’t wear anymore. If you have a new set of plates, it’s time to let go of the old ones. The good news is that these things of yours don’t have to go to waste. Donate them to a charity or give them to the needy.

Decluttering is a great way to make new spaces in your home. Apart from keeping your house clean, it also allows you to help people in need. Remember that sometimes, one man’s trash is another man’s treasure.

Have Your House Checked

To thoroughly ensure that your house is well maintained, you might need the help of experts from time to time. Just consider it a routine check-up for your home, a preventive measure to ensure that it doesn’t deteriorate quickly.

Some experts you can hire include HVAC services, roofing checkups, tick control solutions, and many more. If you’re working on a budget, you can create a DIY home maintenance checklist. Your checklist should include the assessment of your home’s plumbing system, mold inspections, and ventilation.

Be Organized

A clean home isn’t only dust-free. It’s organized too! It will help if you purchase organizers for kitchen tools, restroom necessities, and your dressers. Being organized allows you to find things as quickly as possible as you know where you placed them and where to find them.

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Follow a Cleaning Schedule

Indeed, houses need cleaning, and that doesn’t happen miraculously. One of the techniques is to set a schedule for specific house chores. By doing this, you will never miss an important task again. For example, schedule laundry cleaning during Saturdays and general house cleaning on Sundays.

Hire Help

If you have a busy schedule, you can always hire a house cleaner. Professional house cleaning may not always fit in the budget, but it could be helpful to maintain your house. House cleaners always know where to start and how to finish. They can clean even the highest ceilings and the tiniest areas, ensuring that you get what you pay for.

Delegate Tasks

As your children grow, it would be wiser to give them a few responsibilities in home cleaning. They don’t have to do the major tasks at first. Washing dishes, putting away clothes, and sweeping the floor are some things that you can delegate to them. Teaching kids how to do house chores allows them to have some sense of responsibility, which is essential in their development.

Do a Brief Cleaning at Night

Before you rest, try to check if the kitchen needs a little cleaning. Avoid leaving dirty dishes in the sink and make sure the trash isn’t overflowing. After putting things in order, do a brief check on other house areas to ensure that you won’t wake up to a mess the next day.

Practice Clean as You Go

Cleaning as you go is a habit that your whole family should practice. Placing things back to where they belong won’t take up too much time, and it’s an excellent way to keep things tidy. For example, bring the dishes straight to the sink and not on the counter, or place your shoes in their proper storage instead of leaving them in the front door.

Maintaining a home is not rocket science, but it requires commitment and responsibility. A house won’t clean itself, so you’ll need to spend a few hours to keep it squeaky clean.

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