Car Parking When You Don’t Have Space in Your Property

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When you live in a city, parking can be a huge problem. You may not have enough space on your property to park your car, and even if you do, it can often be difficult to find a spot that’s not too close to traffic or other obstacles. Here are some of the options you may consider if you are stuck in this conundrum.

1. Examine your space again and see if you can fit your vehicle with a bit of renovation.

The first thing you should do if your car is taking up much space in your property is to look into how you can use the area. If there’s a large and unnecessary object such as an old garden shed or storage room, try removing them to give yourself enough room for parking. You may also want to consider using the landscape design outside of your home to help you accommodate parking by either creating a carport with manufactured plastic roofing sheets or creating a small driveway beside your lawn.

2. Look into off-street parking options in your area.

If you’re really struggling to find space on your property for parking, try looking into the off-street car parks in your area. These are often still cheaper than renting an underground or multi-story car park elsewhere, and if you know somebody with a large driveway that allows for public parking then you could always ask them if they would be willing to rent it out for a price. If you are looking for public car parking spaces, consider the following options:

  • Car parks run by local councils
  • Co-operative garages
  • Private houses offering free off-street parking
  • Car parks managed by owners of bigger houses that have much spare space

3. Look into renting a car park.

This option is usually more expensive than off-street parking because you are paying for security, but if you are willing to fork out the money, there are many professional car park management companies that rent spaces in their underground facilities. These kinds of services are especially useful if you work in the city and need somewhere safe to keep your car during the day. Although, you may be able to get a better deal if you sign an agreement that allows you to rent the space outside of office hours.

4. Look into renting a space at an office building.

Office buildings usually have huge amounts of underground space that is often not utilized because the workers work during the day. If you are lucky, the building may allow you to use the space outside of office hours. You could also ask if they would be willing to rent out spaces in their car park for a price.

5. Look into renting a garage.

If your family owns more than one vehicle, you may want to consider getting a short-term or long-term garage rental. Garage rentals ensure that your vehicle is always safe and secure, and the prices are usually cheaper than parking in a multi-story car park.

6. Research whether or not you’re allowed to park on the street near your property.

Many cities have parking rules prohibiting certain types of vehicles to be parked on the street, but if you are allowed then consider driving your car onto your front lawn or driveway. You can then use a wheel clamp or wheel stop to ensure that it won’t get towed away.

7. Purchase a parking permit from your local government.

If you really have no choice but to park out in the street, then your best bet is to get a parking permit from the local council. This will not only make sure that you won’t get fined every week, but it will also help avoid any unnecessary confrontations with other drivers who may be inconvenienced by your vehicle being parked nearby.

8. Consider public parking spaces in malls and stores.

Public parking spaces in malls and stores are often good options because there is security and CCTV to keep an eye on your car. Although, you will have to ask for permission to park during the day (or overnight) and may need to pay a fee for these services. But this could be your best option if you live out in the suburbs, but need to work in an area with little off-street parking.

9. Get a new car that doesn’t take up much space.
buying a new car from a dealership

This is the last option and usually not a feasible one, but if you can’t find parking for your car then why not get a new car that doesn’t take up much space? This way, you can still have your own vehicle without needing to park it in illegal spaces or pay for expensive parking rental fees.

There are a variety of solutions to the problem of not having enough space to park your car. You may need to be creative and think outside of the box, but there is surely a solution that will work for you. Consider the different options we’ve listed in this article, and try out the ones that seem most feasible for your specific situation. In no time, you’ll have a secure place to keep your car without any stress or hassle!

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