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The Vintage style is a popular trend these days and more fashion-focused ladies often incorporate present day styles with influences from more retro styles like the clog. Thus, it is understandable to see the comeback of clog shoes, which were once in vogue in the 70’s especially among the comp lawyer crowd. Consolidated with more in vogue designs, today’s clog impress individuals with the remarkable mixed chic style. Ladies love to wear classic womens clogs in light of the fact that they are a style statement as well as a perfect everyday shoe to wear with just the right added height. Their hard wood soles and leather exterior make them a piece of cultural beauty not to taken for granted.


You may purchase clog shoes for various reasons but regardless of what the reasons are, you are sure to find a pair that meets your needs since there are many different styles available to cater every individual’s preference and taste. Among these different styles, heeled clogs, clog boots and sandals are the most popular of the types nowadays.


Heeled clogs

The heeled clog shoe has been a huge hit for decades and an ongoing fashion trend. Almost every fashion possesses a pair in their closet purely for their ease and simplicity. Heeled clogs can be a great alternative to a high heel since they are more comfortable for an everyday shoe. Furthermore, they accessorize impeccably with any outfit, adding the mixed chic style of present day with a retro vibe to your look.


Credit: heeled clogs

Clog boots

On colder days or winter months, clog boots are without a doubt an excellent alternative to the regular boot. On the off chance that you haven’t got a pair for the colder weather, there are some that will definitely pique your interest. There are different styles of clog boots, from ankle boots to higher heeled ones depending on the occasion. The boots traditionally have a wooden heel and the basic materials used are often canvas, softened cowhide or leather. You can make your own style statement in colder weather by simply pairing clog boots with skinny jeans, short skirts or legging.


Credit photo: / Michelle Williams


Clog sandals are possibly the most well known style of clogs. This kind of clog is somewhat an ideal summer shoe for the beach or just a casual warm day, and are typically designed with either wooden or rubber soles. A great way to spice up a casual summer dress, miniskirt or even short jeans is with slip-on clog sandals that are sure to put you in a sprightly mood.


As a classic piece in most wardrobes, the clog has easily become a staple item through the decades with no foreseeable demise. A clog is precisely what you need to complete your summer style and with an array of different designs, you are sure to find a pair that you can’t live without.